Sunday, 7 April 2013

Domino sweater: back

Domino sweater progress by Asplund
Domino sweater progress, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
This construction is quite unlike any sweater I've knitted before, and I'm in complete awe of Marianne Isager's skills as a designer.

I've knitted the shapes that make up the main part of the front (some of them halves to get straight sides and to shape the neck) and have started knitting the back. It's like the front: you start in an upper corner and add the shapes diagonally.

I spent Easter away from temperatures below zero and snow. No sign of yarn stores, but that doesn't really matter when you can bring your own yarn - even if it would have been nice to add some Maltese yarn to my stash. Instead I returned to Sweden with freckles, stronger legs from hours of walking instead and memories of new sights and new flavours. (When I'm abroad I always get interested in food in a way I never am at home and want to try things not likely to be found in Sweden. Sea urchin, for example, which was a treat.)

Valletta, Malta


ylva said...

Malta sounds really nice .It has been cold but the sin has been out . I'm glad for the light. The sweater looks wonderful and different.

ron in mexico said...

I really like to see your progress with this sweater. Hard for me to imagine exactly how it is done and I must look for the book. Glad you enjoyed your holiday.
Ron in Mexico

Kerry said...

Malta looks interesting, I saw it on a TV show last week. "awe" and your knitting also come to mind :)

Unknown said...

Love this pattern !

Chrissieday said...

Looks good is the book in english and where did you manage to find it

Anonymous said...

That is such a clever design! I'm glad you got somewhere warm for a change. It's still extremely chilly here in Aberdeen but not actually snowing!