Saturday, 27 April 2013

St. Brigid modifications

Never hesitating (anymore) to start yet another project, I cast on to knit Alice Starmore's design "St. Brigid" last month.

The original design has a shoulder strap, the middle braid on the sleeve continuing to the collar, but I decided to join the back and front without it simply to see how it would turn out.

Then I picked up stitches to knit the sleeves top-down instead of casting on to start at the wrist and having to sew the sleeves to the body. So far, so good. However, a modification that was not that successful was finishing the braid when it was about to be eaten up be the decreases (to the left in the picture below). I think it looks amputated. Therefore, I decided to test something else knitting the second sleeve and then rip and reknit one of them.

St. Brigid: two sleeve versions

Knitting the second sleeve I've made the braid slimmer as the sleeve decreases get nearer, and I think it looks a lot better. I don't mind having to do quite a lot of reknitting: I had almost forgotten how much I enjoy knitting cables, and Starmores infinite cable patterns are wonderful.

The yarn is Cascade 220 and I use 3½ mm needles (US 4).


fluffbuff said...

Hello there. I like the color and the experimentation. St. Brigid is a wonderful cable pattern and I am sure yours will turn out wonderfully.
Baci dall'Italia (yes, we are in Italy at the moment). :)


ylva said...

Looks fantastic! I have a sweater for my brother that has been laying around for a bit , when I see you starting up one after another I feel that I should finish mine :-)

Ing-Marie i Säter said...

Du r så noggrann. Udrarom ev mottagare skulle se det på samma sätt? Raset det kanske är du som ska ha de, ja d kanske det är bäst att göra bäst:). Skämt åsido. Det är du och likasinnade stickande som utvecklar vår fantastiska hobby . Ska bli spännande att se det färdiga resultat så småningom. Dina axelstickningar är lika fantastiska som Tålamodspåsens.

Annika Odelstav said...

Fint! Jag har garn till en men inte börjat än, fint att ta del av dina ändringar först :) Fast mina ändringar blir nog annorlunda.

Yilla said...

Waaahnsinn! Ein absoluter Traum!!!!

Yilla said...

Waaaahnsinn! Ein absoluter Traum!!!