Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Faroese sweater in progress

Faroese sweater in progress by Asplund
Faroese sweater in progress, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Just wanted to show what the pattern looks like. D Louise: I was happy to read your comment as I was beginning to worry it might look like a brown peacock and had thoughts about redoing it. Your reassuring words helped me decide not to.

The wool is from Hälsingslands lammkvalité, which I use for the first but certainly not the last time. It's really lovely and it's nice to use yarn that is locally produced (locally meaning same country), that hasn't travelled here and there over the world before joining my stash. I use 3½ mm needles (US 4) for the stranded knitting, 3 mm (US 2½) for the ribbing.

Ulla V: I'm lucky to own my grandmother's copy of the book. As far as I know it won't be reprinted, but I hope you'll be able to find a second-hand copy. Speaking of books, last night I realised there's a new book by Marianne Isager, Strik à la carte 2, and ordered it at once. There's no way I'm waiting for it to be translated! Besides, it's more or less my duty to read it in Danish to study the language as I'm teaching twined knitting in Denmark in September, isn't it?

Actually, I borrowed a "Danish for beginners" audio book the other day and spent most of last night in my favourite chair knitting and repeating words in Danish. Lavinevarsel, for example, which I don't expect to hear or get an opportunity to say at Fanø - it means "danger of avalanche" :-)

There are lots of opportunities to say that at home, though: all it takes is opening the cupboard where I keep my stash.


Yarndude said...

No matter how many times you do it, I simply can't believe how quickly you knit sweaters!

Adriana said...

I agree with Yarndude, how many sweaters you do each week???
I started a baby cardigan 2 days ago and it's not finished!

Unknown said...

Turbo knitter !

ron in mexico said...

Lovely work and such quick progress. Also glad you found local yarn.
Ron in Mexico

ylva said...

Speed is your middlename? You knit quite fast and it looks great . The yarn sounds like my cup of Tea

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! I feel like I've been undoing more knitting than knitting lately - can't concentrate properly at the moment. Oh well at least it's good therapy.

I couldn't believe the woman on the train dared to teach you how to hold your yarn!

Kerry said...

Great looking sweater Ivar. Is the yarn available online, I can't seem to get a translation of the Halsingslands link?

Benedicte said...

The lighter yarn works really well. I like the look of this sweater a lot :-)