Sunday, 17 February 2013

1940s Fantasy jumper finished

1940s Fantasy jumper by Asplund
1940s Fantasy jumper, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Here it is resting in my favourite chair. Christine asked why I called it a fiancée in my previous post, which I understand was not very clear! What I had in mind was the cardigan I made a couple of months ago as they have a few things in common:

1. Wool from the same company (Kampes).

2. Both based on designs from a magazine from the 1940s that a friend's mother was kind enough to give me.

3. Both feature a combination of cable patterns and panels. The original jumper has reverse stockning stitch between the cable patterns, which I changed for two main reasons. First, I thought it would too boring to knit, even though I think the original design is lovely; also, it would make the jumper match the cardigan, which has stocking stitch interspersed with garter stitch. For the jumper I chose moss stitch instead; somehow I think it gives it a more feminine look. (I also used thinner needles, 2½ mm for the jumper and 3 mm for the cardigan - US 1½ and 2½.)

1940s cardigan (the fiancé)

Tenna Draper asked why I hadn't carried the body pattern onto the sleeve. Actually, by the time I posted the photo I had already ripped it out and started reknitting the sleeve with the same pattern. I was simply curious if it would work, but thought it looked too empty.

wrong side


torirot said...

What a pretty jumper!

ylva said...

It looks just lovely , love the color and the nice cable pattern nog you just have to find a matching skirt :-) I would anyways .....

Barb said...

Love it!

ron in mexico said...

Such a beautiful sweater. I have never knitted a garment with needles smaller than 3 mm. This inspires me to give it a shot.
Ron in Mexico

Sel and Poivre said...

I think your treatment of the sections between the cables beautifully enhances the cables!

Katarina said...


Carolina said...

Fantastic. Love the color as well as the design!