Monday, 18 February 2013

Cocktail knitting

Faroese sweater in progress by Asplund
Faroese sweater in progress, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Here's a concept I'd like to recommend: you invite some knitting friends ("bring your own knitting") to your place for drinks. You're guaranteed to have a great time! I can testify to that - and I think it's a safe bet to say that TB, En till, Stickigt and Born to knit will confirm it.

Some good advice: stainwise it is better to spill some gin and tonic than a Bloody Mary (neither of which happened) and you may not want to bring a complicated project (I myself decided to wind yarn and knit a swatch to test it).

Speaking of advice, I entertained my guests by telling them about the woman sitting opposite me on the train recently, who suddenly asked if she could give me some advice. Sure, I said, not knowing what to expect. Well, I certainly did not expect a complete stranger to grab hold of my hand, rearrange my fingers and the strand of wool instructing me to "hold the strand this way instead, that way you will knit really evenly and it will look great!" :-)

I've started knitting a Faroese design from "Fiskartröjor" by Uuve Snidare. The wool is wonderful: beautiful natural browns, and there is so much lanolin left in it it feels like knitting a big, soft bar of soap.

The original design calls for different proportions of the two lighter shades from what I had in my stash (bought this yarn about a year ago), so I've modified it by having seven rows of light brown and five of medium brown (instead of nine and three). Also, I've let them swap places, making the bigger round shapes lighter. Not sure it's an improvement, but I enjoy seeing what happens.

Cocktail-stickning är ett vinnande koncept, det kan jag intyga efter en helkväll med några stickvänner! För säkerhets skull inskränkte jag mig till att nysta garn - ett överflödigt råd kan nog i alla fall vara att inte kombinera drinkar med alltför invecklade mönster. 

Själv fick jag mig ett gott råd till livs på tåget häromsistens: damen mittemot böjde sig plötsligt fram och frågade om hon fick komma med ett tips. Visst, sade jag. Genast grep hon tag i min hand och började dra i både fingrar (motsträviga) och garn. "Håll garnet så här i stället, då blir det jättejämnt och fint!"

För något år sedan hittade jag vackert ofärgat ullgarn från Hälsingland i tre bruna nyanser. Det är som att arbeta med ett stor, mjuk, formbar tvål - härligt! Nu håller jag på med Färötröjan ur "Fiskartröjor" av Uuve Snidare. Eftersom angivelserna inte riktigt stämmer med mina garnmängder, har jag ändrat på så vis att jag har färre varv med den ljusaste nyansen. För att se hur vad som händer med mönstret har jag också låtit de två mönsterfärgerna byta plats.


Sel and Poivre said...

I've been thinking about having a little knitting gathering this winter - I think I may take up your suggestion regarding the cocktail theme!

ron in mexico said...

Gee, I wish I lived close enough to be invited over with my knitting!! I really like the new sweater and am a big fan of Faroese designs. I actually taught a young man from the Islands (here in Mexico) who translated a book of patterns I have that is written in Faroese. What weight is the wool and what size needles are you using.
Ron in Mexico

Adriana said...

I need help to knitt without sewing...i live in O'Porto Portugal and here we don't have how to learn, can you give-me some tips?
It look so easy on your sweaters

Blonde said...

Did you try that complete stranger's way of holding your yarn? Was she right?

Asplund said...

Sel and Poivre: you won't be disappointed!

Ron: I used 3 mm for the ribbing and 3½ for the stranded knitting. I think the wool is sport/dk weight, but we don't use that system so I can't tell for certain. I looked the terms up and it seems like it's in between. (It's a good system that I wish we used - 2ply doesn't really say that much.)

Drikas: I'll send you an email shortly!

Blonde: I had already tried it some five years ago; I'm sure it works splendidly for those who are used to it, but I'm an old dog when it comes to holding strands of yarn ;-)

D Louise said...

For what it's worth, I much prefer your colors/arrangement to the original.

Unknown said...

Great knit, I'll look your progress !

Ulla V. said...

It's going to become a wonderful fiskertrøje. I have been looking for the book you found the pattern in, for ages. I borrowed it on the library SO many times, but I can't find it in any bookstores to buy. Where did you get your's?

Anonymous said...

Hej! Jag har rest till Färöarna 2000 alltså melennieåret. Det var en ull o textilresa Vi undervisades av Färöarnas ull expert Glömt namnet i dag. Hon har intervjuats i Tidskriften Hemslöjden om Färöisk ullhantering och Stickning. Läs den! Jag kan kanske förmedla kontakt. MVH Vega Kerstin Lagergren. Deltagare i din tvåandskurs på Härjarö.