Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wedding shawl

Wedding shawl by Asplund
Wedding shawl, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Here is a colleague of mine on her wedding day a couple of weeks ago (haven't found any matching wallpaper of curtains for her to pose next to) in the shawl I was honoured to make for her. The shawl is greener in reality, which you can see in this post.

I've started knitting a pattern from a book I bought some time ago, "Water Lily" from The Haapsalu Shawl by Reimann & Edasi. This is a pattern that actually doesn't have any nupps in it - but I like it anyway ;-)

"Water Lily" shawl in progress

In the book it is used in a rectangular design, but I thought it would work well in a triangular shape. This shawl will be V-shaped, though: I've divided the triangle in halves and am knitting the first half in a way to make it slant outwards from the middle. It will be similar to this shawl, which I made a couple of years ago.


Елениум said...

it's perfectly...

ylva said...

Vilken vacker brud! Och vad fint att bryta av med det gröna minns också att bruden hade skor som man kunde dö för :-) sjalen är underbar verkligen mitt i prick

Anonymous said...

Breathtakingly beautiful, Asplund! (And you did well to photograph a leafy lacy item next to lacy leafy trees.) I recently attempted a lace project with laceweight wool, and had to abandon it after I failed on the fifth attempt. I just didn't have the opportunity to concentrate properly on it. Someday I will try again. So I'm all the more impressed with your creation!

Anonymous said...

Så fantastiskt vackert!