Sunday, 30 September 2012

"Aberlady" sweater finished

"Aberlady" sweater by Asplund
"Aberlady" sweater, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
About a week ago I finished my "Aberlady" sweater, but it took days (literally) for it to dry. This is one of my all-time favourite patterns, by my favourite designer Alice Starmore. A Flickr friend of mine suggested I rename this project "Aberlord" :-)

The photo above shows the pattern, but the photo below shows the colour of the yarn better, a light blueish grey of Rowan Creative Linen ("Foggy" 624). And in case you're wondering, yes, those are my lips. Kiss, kiss, dear readers!

I'm making "Water Lily" shawl progress. The photo in my previous post gives a better idea of the pattern, but in this one it is easier to see the shape I have in mind.

"Water Lily" shawl

Check out Ylva's glorious cuffs! Twined knitting, magnificently decorated.

Nu har "Aberlady" äntligen torkat - det tog flera dagar, men det var det värt att vänta på. Jag tycker att garnet (Rowan creative linen) är som gjort för den här sortens mönster, hälften lin och hälften bomull. Den är lite svår att fotografera, bara: i den övre bilden ser man mönstret men den undre gör färgen mer rättvisa. Och ja, det är jag som är i den om ni undrar - puss på er!

Sjalen jag håller på med är ett nöje att sticka! Den kommer att bli v-formad, och så tänker jag mig någon typ av kant runt den.


Katerina К (the joy of ...) said...

Looks great! My congrats.

Anonymous said...


dqpage said...

Fantastisk sweater !
hilsen Mona

Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic! I've always been happy with my "Aberlady" and now it seems quite undistinguished in comparison. That yarn really brings out every nuance of the pattern. Just don't get wet in it!

Carolina said...

What a handsome sweater! The color choice and type of yarn work so well.

Marie said...

I love it! As always I prefer your versions!

=Tamar said...

My felted hats dry four times as fast when I put them on a wire frame so the inside and outside both have air circulation. Maybe a wire sweater frame would speed the drying of your sweaters.