Saturday 22 September 2012

Odd man out

Peekaboo by Asplund
Peekaboo, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Today I attended a book release at Litet Nystan in Stockholm: the best knitting book I have seen for a long time, "Maskor och Medeltid" (stitches and the Middle Ages) by Anna-Karin Lundberg.

She has found inspiration for patterns in Medieval churches in the province of Uppland. In the book there is an abundance of photos of both knits and the paintings that inspired her.

Not only did I add a glorious new knitting book to my shelves, I also got to see many of the knits from the book on display in the shop - and many knitter friends I don't see nearly enough. I got an opportunity to meet the writer-designer-knitter too!

You can only see glimses of a few of Anna-Karin's projects in my photo above, but there is a lot more to see if you visit her homepage Kajsa Sticks. (It's in both Swedish and English.)


knitnetty said...

Ja visst är den boken fin! Jag blir så inspirerad och imponerad av hur hon har funnit fram till färgkombinasjoner och mönster. Det är en bok jag kommer att bläddra i mångan gånger ;)
Ha en trevlig helg.

Anonymous said...

Oh those are just exquisite designs! My favourite is "Sanga Brokadblomma".

ylva said...

I knew that you would love this book! EvaL8 had the book and sweaters with her at our monday knittingcafe' . Lovely!

heidi said...

det är jätteroligt att läsa alla blogginlägg om den boken. vilket fantastiskt sätt att förnya och föra kulturarvet vidare!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I pre-ordered this beautiful book.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo and thanks for the head up on the book. The local book store say they have copies. The designs are beautiful.

TECHknitter said...

Yowza--what an amazing book! Thanks for the link.