Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Det som göms i snö

Twined sweater in progress
Originally uploaded by Asplund
kommer upp i tö. (What's hidden in snow emerges when it's thawing. Perhaps "murder will out" is the closest English expression. Other suggestions?)

At long last I've felt like excavating my second twined sweater project from the (crammed) basket where it has been hibernating for about a year and a half. Not quite sure how to go on with the pattern I put it aside and then didn't pick it up again for a number of reasons. Other projects, of course, but also the fact that I've moved twice and started a new employment during this period.

Actually, the main reason I've stayed away from this project is probably associating it with worries about work and where to live.

Looking at the sweater among the anemones makes me feel completely different about it! And the more and stronger memories and feelings that are attached to a project the better.


ylva said...

Looks white and pure ! Put in some positive thoughts in it :D

Kerry said...

A lovely picture. What is the stitch that forms the raised lattice effect?

Anonymous said...

It looks full of promise to me. At first I thought, reading the opening of this post, that you had discovered your twined sweater on the ground when the snow melted! I'm relieved that wasn't the case. I hope your worries get lighter and are resolved.

Marifetane hobi said...

Hälsningar till alla här, jag tyckte din blogg mycket trevligt