Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Returning to Marianne Isager

Isager swatch
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First of all, thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post!

Knitting lace shawls is great, but so is variation - so I've been looking for inspiration in my knitting books. Trust Marianne Isager! Here's an intriguing design in "Inca Knits" that I haven't paid much attention to before, but which kind of gave my stash a come-hither stare.

The construction is one I haven't tried and never would have thought of, for that matter. First you knit the multi-coloured sections of the back and front; then you pick up stitches along the sides to knit not only the sleeves but also the side panels.

Any modifications? Yes!
1. Colours. I'm using greyish brown and natural white Shetlandsuld I bought about half a year ago when my LYS celebrated 25 years. I'm spicing it with some leftovers from Zaire. The photo to the left does not do the colours justice, but will at least give you an idea.
2. I'm not knitting the multi-coloured sections back and forth, but in the round with steeks. A bonus is not having to weave in any ends: I start new rows in the middle of a steek and will simply cut the steeks open and trim the edges.
3. Minor modifications in the pattern with an extra colour and two stocking stitch rows skipped between purl ridges.


torirot said...


Ing-Marie i Säter said...

Det blir snyggt! Det ser så litet ut på bilden- Är det ett stickprov eller ärmen? Jag tycker färgkombinationen är fint sammansatt.

Carolina said...

The steek is a wonderful invention.

Anonymous said...

A very lovely design. And yes knitting all that colourwork in the round would be much easier. I like your choice of colours.

Anonymous said...

That looks great! And I completely agree about the virtues of steeking. Enjoy -

katarinaw said...

Love those colours!