Friday 21 January 2011


WIP: Andes by Marianne Isager
Originally uploaded by Asplund
All the borders with white triangles suddenly made me think of sharks and their multiple rows of teeth, so I'm going to rename the sweater Jaws.

The centre back and front sections are finished; right now I am crocheting "seams" in the steeks before cutting them to secure the strands. Next step will be joining the shoulders and then pick up stiches along the whole back and front to knit side panels and sleeves.


Knitting-twitter said...

congratulations to the chosen title, it suits very well.. I love the colors..
ciao ciao Christa

Anonymous said...

Very interesting construction and I will have to look up the book when I am in Canada again. I, too, like the colours you have chosen. I have often thought of designing and knitting a sweater with the body in Fair Isle and the sleeves in the base colour. Will your sleeves be patterned or plain? You always entertain us.
Ron in Mexico

Carolina said...

It seems like you are making really fast progress on this. I like the name. To me it looks like mountains but maybe because I'm in the mountains.

Marias garnhändelser said...

Jag hajar:-D