Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The catsitter

"Wightwizzle" wip
Originally uploaded by Asplund
I'm looking after a friend's cat for a few days and thought I might as well pack up some projects and books and move in. As you can see, Sally is only mildly interested in knitting.

There's only a sleeve left to knit before "Wightwizzle" is finished. As planned, I'm not knitting the sleeves separately but pick up stitches around the armholes and shape the caps using short rows instead. I find it a lot easier than sewing sleeves in place - and it looks neater too.


katarinaw said...

That is very clever! I need to learn how to do that, like most knitters I don't like seaming, but I do like set in sleeves.

christinelaennec said...

Wow - I'm really impressed. I've been shown how to do short row shaping, but have never really had the confidence to plunge in when it's not written into the pattern. And to combine it with a cable as well! Very thought-provoking.

Anonymous said...

This project is marvelous. AND what a great idea to do your sleeve shaping (that I have copied many times). You're lucky to have such a beautiful cat as company.
Ron in Mexico

Allison said...

Maybe you could knit Sally a cat toy from your yarn scraps! Then, she might get really interested in your knitting!

Johanne said...

Meh, vad mycket jag skulle vilja ha en sådan där Wightwizzle (och figuren att bära den).
Tar du emot beställningar eller? ;-p

Carolina said...

Any tips for learning how to shape sleeves like that?

knotknittingenough said...

I tried using short rows once to knit a sleeve cap... and it looked horrible :/
PLEASE share your secret? Post some instructions ;)

Asplund said...

So many lovely comments - thanks, everyone!

I'll see if I can make a post about how I knit sleeve caps. A good reason to speed up knitting the red sweater I'm working on!

herr avig / mr purl said...

Snyggt! Ser fram emot att se det färdiga resultatet. Hoppas du kommer ta plaggpåmänniskabilder? Och vågar man fråga den vackra klänningen efter hennes vikt?

ylva said...

Som sagt snabbt stickat!!!Jag skulle också uppskatta en genomgång av "ärm-i-stickning".

Ps.Nu har jag beställt yllebreoderiböcker på adlibri:D

Asplund said...

Ja, visst är det trevligt med bilder på plagg med en människa i! Om inte min kusin skulle vilja posera i den kanske jag kan be någon annan.

Den slukade lin med så god aptit att den väger ganska exakt åtta hekto (hälften av varje fiber.)Gissa om det var tungt att handtvätta den! Nu ligger den på tork medan jag är bortrest några dagar.