Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Two finished objects

"Wightwizzle" finished
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The colour looks a bit strange in the original photo, so I thought I might as well make a black and white version. This was a nice project to knit, quick once past the first few inches and the shape is different from what I usually knit.

Trying something new is always rewarding! Combining alpaca and linen was a good idea too (not mine but suggested at my LYS). We'll just see how my cousin likes wearing it: the garment is rather heavy, almost 800 grams.

The shawl I wrote about in my previous post is also finished. For the bottom border I chose the border from "The Opera Fichu", also in Victorian Lace Today.

As mentioned, I wanted fairly simple lace patterns using this yarn and since I've knitted the fichu before I knew it would curl - I simply cast it off loosely from the wrong side, not bothering about a knitted-on border around the shawl (which I normally like).

My plan is to make it a guest shawl, for people to borrow when they visit. We had quite a lot of snow yesterday, but today is rather wet and windy. And cold: a guest could definitely need a shawl.


Anonymous said...

The shawl and the tunic (?) are both beautiful. I'd be interested to see what the tunic looks like on.

A guest shawl, what an excellent idea! We have guest slippers, but not - yet - a guest shawl.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing both of your projects - and both of them show off your remarkable skills. It is a good idea to have spare shawls around for guests. In Mexico, it often gets quite cold in the evening and I hand them out to guests both male and female when they are needed.

ylva said...

I can just imagine how nice the tunic will fall wearing it. It will be interesting to see pictures of the lucky one! I can also see that it must be a good idea to have alpaca combining with the linen. Does it fill out ? so the tunic doesn´t get a "looking-throw" feeling that linen can have sometimes.

Tomas Mo said...

Shit, PRO Ivar! Visste inte att du bloggar på engelska, kul!

Asplund said...

Kul att du hittade hit!