Tuesday 29 June 2010

Springtime shawl progress

Springtime shawl
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There should be enough yarn for five repeats of leaves plus the bottom section; hopefully, also a knitted-on border along the top.

My plan is to reuse this scalloped border from Jane Sowerby's treasure of a book Victorian Lace Today.


aafke7 said...

Such a lovely start!
And what an amazing interesting You tube video! Thank you for this bee!

Ann said...

How beautiful!
How much yarn do you plan to use to 5 repeats, the bottom section and the edge?
The Pacific looks even more beautiful on.
It fits you so good!

Anonymous said...

You are really speeding along. Very spectacular and the border will be very nice.

Asplund said...

Thank you all for your kind words!

Ann: I've got 100 gr of this yarn (2 skeins) and think it will be enough. I've made a few shawls with this yarn before and one doesn't need a lot of it to make a big shawl.

Tora said...

Wow! This pattern is so beautiful, and it looks like the yarn goes really well with it!

rosalia said...

Stunning! You are an artist!

ylva said...

WoW!! Nu får det bli svenska, måste fåur mig orden fort;-)helt fantastisk tröja jag blir alldeles stum av beundran.Alla finurliga detaljer .Inte klokt vad du är skicklig. Din "duk" kommer bli en helt otroligt vacker sjal lycklig blir den som får bära denna tingest.

Asplund said...

Such wonderful comments - I'm thrilled!