Monday, 26 April 2010

Taking liberties

WIP: "Pacific" by Isager
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I like this shade of light bluish green so much I decided to make those stripes wider to make the colour more prominent.

This change entailed other modifications, like the width of the white rhombs. (Parallelograms? Somethings else? Geometry was a couple of decades ago.)

I have also changed the number of rows to a repeat. That's because I've chosen to twist the side cables every six rows: exactly 5 twists per repeat helps me keep track of when to do them, since I mark those rows in the chart and don't have to count rows.


Ann said...

It is definitely a parallellogram, which has to pairs of parallel sides. A rhombe must have egual sidelengths at all 4 sides.
It may be both a parallellogram and a rhombe. It depends on the sidelengths

Anonymous said...

Aren't you clever. A very good way to count the repeats. I, too, like the colour you have chosen. I had a look at this book on the weekend. It is full of exciting projects.

Asplund said...

Thanks for the clarification, Ann! I had a look at your blog and love your ghost-patterned project!

The more tricks to make it easier, the better! I love Isager's book - exciting is the word.

Ann said...

Yes, it's a nice little ghost.
Isager is publishing a new book, A la carte 2" some time this year.