Sunday, 18 April 2010

Isager's "Knit and purl" sweater

Here's a picture of my second attempt at a shoulder join: vertical lines and a three-needle bind-off, which is my favourite method. You can also see the sleeve cap in this picture.

My first attempt ended with diagonal lines and a simple neck opening (and short rows for it to be lower in front). I though it would work with the horizontal pattern borders, but didn't like the way it turned out, thinking it looked just like a slit - as if I'd simply cut it open. The new neck looks more finished. The vertical lines blend with the ones on the yoke.

I'm sure I will associate this project with quite a lot of live music, completely different genres and completely different venues. First, there was first-class jazz outdoors surrounded by palm trees: Dee Dee Bridgewater in top shape (beyond words) and a quintet to match her dynamics. I'm still high after more than a week! Then there was The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain visting a small and charming theatre in Uppsala, a highly musical and entertaining evening. Last but not least, in a couple of hours off to Uppsala cathedral to enjoy Händel's Messiah. (By the way, I don't knit during concerts - but on my way to them or while waiting for them to start!)


rosalia said...

I like this comparation! Music and Knitting, In fact, knitters are making pieces of art. Each one is the only one. Stiches like the musical notes are on our hands to turn into a melody for our eyes and our touch. ( Sorry, my english is no good).
Good knitting!

Marias garnhändelser said...

Håller med omm att axel 2 blev mycket snyggare!Ett annat sätt att få bra axlar när man jobbar med mönster är att avmaska bakstycket och sedan "grafta" på framstycket...då kan man tom få ihop sluttande axlar mha förkortade varv...det var den tekniken jag nyttjade till Brea.
Ukelelegrabbarna så jag på TV - urläckra.
Stor kram!

Yarndude said...

I agree, the new neck opening looks much better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're leading a concert-filled life. The join looks very nice!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the new neck does look much better. And the configuration at the shoulder seam and the sleeve cap is so wonderful. It must have taken a lot of planning to have the patterns turn out as they did.

Asplund said...

Rosalía: I love the way you compare music and knitting. (I often think of knitting as a form of writing too.)

Maria: visst är de häftiga? Inte trodde jag att jag gillade det instrumentet!

Thanks, yarndude and mildawg!

Ron: yes, it did take some planning - plus ripping out the sleeve cap too and trying again, because my first try didn't look quite as good. It is always wortwhile redoing things you're not pleased with, as an acquaintance once said.

ylva said...

Welcome home again. Lovly pictures and I also can see the Chameleoneffect!I get very inspired off your musicevents It has been a while since I went on I consert really time to go ! It gives you so much well beeing feeling!


by Caloweena said...

Ser riktigt riktigt fint ut!
Du har något att hämta hos mig :)

Caprifool said...

Knitting, is writing music for the eye.

Asplund said...

I like that a lot!