Sunday 11 April 2010

Quality knitting

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On 10 April my blog turned one year; I should have written a post about it yesterday but was nowhere near a computer.

Nor did I knit much, but on the other hand I let quality take precedence over quantity: what better way to celebrate than to knit a couple of rows on top of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordanian heights? (By the way, it seems I'm turning into a chameleon, colour matching my environment in terms of clothes as well as knitting. And clothes again. Etc.)
Floating in the Dead Sea was glorious after hours of driving and walking: like bathing in silk. No knitting in the water for me, though. (Sic!)

Other highlights that day included seeing lots of ibices and some hyraces in the Ein Gedi national park.

Here's a view of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian heights from the Ein Gedi national park. Spot the ibex!


Anonymous said...

Happy belated blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Your blog certainly give me a lot of pleasure.

Gunilla said...

I´ve been at Masada too. And I have also enjoyed a swim in the Dead Sea. Have a nice journey!

torirot said...

Til lykke med ettårsdagen!
Slett ikke noe dårlig sted du fant til å feire dagen. Fortsatt god ferie!

Asplundare said...

Men Jesus Maria Stickarn (Assar spelade just Jönssonligansignaturen), du har ju gjort en variant av den där killen som visade ..... framför kända turistmål.

Asplund said...

Ha - själv kom jag att tänka på trädgårdstomten som placerades framför kända platser i världen. Så olika går associationerna!

by Caloweena said...

Man får gratulera på årsdagen så här i efterhand! Underbara bilder!!!

Asplund said...