Thursday 31 December 2015

Mr Mosaic

Mosaic knitting has given me ideas - I've been experimenting with hats knitted sideways, combining mosaic knitting and garter stitch. Not quite there yet as one of them is slightly too big and the felted one is slightly too small, but I like them anyway. They look like rainbows with icing:

My Japanese-inspired mosaic sweater is finished - or at least practically finished. I might reknit the neckband, adding a few rows too it, but otherwise I'm very happy with how it fits. For my first neckband attempt I chose a darker shade of green to match the last patterned row, but the distance between them made the neckband look a lot darker, so I gave it another try with a lighter and brighter shade of green.

A good thing about the lighter shade is that it works better with the sleeve cuffs, where I added a small mosaic pattern. Perhaps I could call the sweater Babar? (The cuffs remind me of his feet, which is why I didn't choose a brown shade - who wants to wear dirty toenails?)

This sweater needed extra side panels or it would have been slightly too tight for my taste. (Also, there isn't much weight to lose when it comes to my rather scrawny chest, and sawing off a couple of ribs wasn't a particularly tempting idea.) I was prepared for this early on but decided not to make up my mind until I had knitted the sleeves, although my idea was to make use of a contruction I tried a few years ago knitting (and modifying) another design by Marianne Isager. I actually enjoy turning something necessary into an opportunity to add a nice finishing touch to a project.

side panel
This solution, using slipped stitches to create columns, echoes how the sleeves go with the body; casting off from the right side creates a ridge in the middle that not only goes with the shoulder joins, but also blends with the seam under the sleeve.

Finally, a couple of short-row details before ending this year's last and rather self-congratulatory blog post:

short rows that create a sleeve cap

short rows that create a sleeve gusset sideways

Happy new year!


ylva said...

Gott slut o Gott nytt!!!

sandra said...

I love, love, love your hats! And yes, you should call your gorgeous sweater Babar. Perfect name. Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing your beautiful knitting with us :)

Carolina said...

Lovely hats! I found your sweater very interesting because I was looking at the book it is from this month exploring design ideas. I eventually came up with something completely different but it was a good source of inspiration. I love all the construction details in your sweater.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Asplund! Always an inspiration to us! Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to see what you create in 2016!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous Asplund! Always an inspiration to us! Happy New Year to you and yours! Looking forward to see what you create in 2016!

Anonymous said...

Those hats are wonderful, and your experimenting and inventing is very inspiring. I hope 2016 brings you many, many good things.

Shop til You Crop said...

I loved those hats!! Oh gosh they're perfect! The monochromatic colors on the sweater are lovely too!