Monday 12 October 2015

The accidental lens louse

A few days a week I work in a yarn store - today a customer surprised me by handing me a crossword featuring a photo from one of my workshops! (I seem to be writing more about turning up in media than about my knitting these last few posts. Well, it is a fairly new thing for me, so I hope you'll excuse me that I get so excited!)

Now I'm rather curious what the yellow boxes will say when they're filled in. "Triumphal march of the alpha males"? Other suggestions?

"Alfahannarnas paradmarsch"?

A funny thing is that I was actually wearing the very sweater in the photo at work today! Not that it's such an unusual thing: I don't think I've ever been as happy with a sweater as with this particular one, Hanne Falkenberg's Studio Long, and wear it if not daily at least every week. And some weeks daily: this time of the year it's perfect instead of a jacket.

Over to some comments/questions on my previous post:

AlpakkaAnna: ja, det var synd att vi missar varandra på syfestivalen! Men du kanske hinner titta in i butiken på fredagen? Då är jag där hela dagen.

Salve, Sarah! You're quite right I taught Latin - how nice to have a knitter Latin colleague! I got the yarn and pattern through my local yarn store in Stockholm. As I understand it, you can only get them through dealers, not her website. Try, which seems to be her North American representative. Feliciter!

Thanks for telling me about Jan Brett, knitbrei! Haven't heard of her before - always nice to learn something new!

Inge: to be honest, I'm not sure myself! I've never met anyone called Lavold, only heard her name pronounced by other people - and some say Lávold while others say Lavóld... Maybe someone who reads this will know for certain?

Thank you, Christine! You always write such kind comments :-)


Liisa said...

Haha :) Fantastiskt ju! Jag tror att det ska bli "En som har superkoll på stickläget"

ylva said...

HAHAHAH , kan det bli " stickning , den sanna vägen till visdom "

Anonymous said...

After giving it a little further thought I seem to remember reading several years ago, that Elsebeth Lavold is Danish on her mother's side and Norwegian on her father's side. I googled the name Lavold and found that it is a Norwegian place name (a town (?) south of Tromsø). Maybe a Norwegian reader will be able to tell us how to pronounce it. I really would like to know!


AlpakkaAnna said...

Att titta in till söder på fredagen är ju en bra idé. Det är ju skönt att komma ifrån den stimmiga miljön på mässan en stund :)