Friday, 10 July 2015

Back on track

Calling it an identity crisis would be an exaggeration of scandalous proportions, but someone who doesn't feel like knitting doesn't really feel like myself. I've reminded myself that's me too, except not very often. Anyway, it seems to be time for my usual self again! Perhaps simply writing about it helped, like trolls that burst in daylight? Not to mention spotting this particular shade of blue:

I'm going to knit mittens. Above in the photo is my first cuff attempt, based on an Estonian pattern. I like it, but I do think the pattern works better in the enlarged version below. In both cases the cast-on method is the "double-start" method (decorative and elastic) described by Nancy Bush in her book Folk Knitting in Estonia, which I highly recommended.

To keep the edge from curling outwards I added a purl row in the first cuff. It worked, but didn't look quite right, and as I was going to modify the pattern I might as well try something else. In the second version I used the same cast-on but added a "vikkel" braid instead a purl row, which worked just as well but looks a lot better. The braid is described in the same book. Next step will be to decide what pattern for use for the main part, not to mention what kind of gusset to make. Exciting!

For those of you who spek/understand Swedish, there's an article about me in today's DN if you're interested.


Anna Maria said...

Så glad jag blev när jag läste artikeln om dej i DN, det förhöjde min frukost.
Ser fram emot att få se vantarna.

Liisa said...

Visst är det en märklig känsla när man inte känner för att sticka! Hoppas mojon kommer tillbaka. Trevlig artikel och filmsnutt i/på DN. Du satte verkligen fingret på vad det är som stickningen gör, förutom att det faktiskt också blir något. Önskar dig en härlig sommar!

Siddis back home said...

Nydelige farger, Happy Knitting!

ron in mexico said...

I really could not understand a word, but so wonderful to see you knitting and to hear your voice. You are a real star!!
Ron in Mexico

Anonymous said...

How fun! It was lovely to see and hear you. I only understand "handsarbet" and "stickexpert". I love when you lie down on the bench and keep knitting! Great. Oh - and nice jumper you have on there!

ylva said...

Känner igen det där, jag tror nästan att det behövs en paus ibland för att få tillbaka lusten och glädjen. Men det låter ytterst allvarligt när DU inte har lust att sticka :-) Ha det gott / Ylva