Monday, 23 March 2015

Top down and inside out

My urge to knit is as strong as usual, but I'm not feeling very creative - or, rather, I have ideas but they're too vague. Therefore, I'm knitting a sweater using gorgeous wool I bought in Denmark last year. It's the kind that's so beautiful in itself that it calls for simplicity, which suits me perfectly right now. I will hardly be able to get more of the same kind, so for safety reasons I'm knitting it top-down. (A tweed sweater with a low-cut neckline might be innovative but not quite my style. Besides, I have no cleavage to show off anyway.)

Also, I'm finishing the sleeves first to get the right - and same - length, and I make them slightly more narrow than usual. Too narrow is hardly a risk as my arms are rather like Sesame Street Bert's.

So, it won't be a short sweater even though it looks like it in the photo above. (A pierced navel isn't my style either.) The wrong side is actually very nice, so much so I'm knitting the sweater inside out.

"Skogens konung"

When my friend Karin saw the collar she said "King of the Forest"!


Unknown said...

Beautiful collar !!!

Anonymous said...

That wool is so beautiful! I like tweedy wools. I laughed at your comparing your arms to Bert's!