Saturday, 14 February 2015

Test tubes

My twined group at HV have been knitting test tubes, and I borrowed a few of them today to take some photos. True, they may not be overwhelmingly wearable, but they're useful. Casting on is rather time-consuming, and it's convenient having several varieties of gussets etc collected in the same swatch. They all look different anyway, since everyone puts their personal stamp on them choosing favourite colours and testing different pattern ideas. Next step is designing mittens!

Twined coelacanths?
Min tvåändsstickninggrupp har fått sticka provrör - visst liknar de kvastfeningar? - eftersom det är praktiskt att ha olika varianter av kilar och hoptagningar samlade i ett och samma prov, och så tar det ganska lång tid att lägga upp. De blir olika i alla fall, eftersom det är en stickteknisk uppgift där färg inte spelar någon roll, och så finns det gott om utrymme att testa olika mönsteridéer.  Vantar nästa!


Anonymous said...

"Test tubes"! Very funny!

ron in mexico said...

The test tubes are great. I should try them. AND thanks for that great movie clip. Her comments on Solitaire and good deeds are so funny.
Ron in Mexico

Carolina said...

Looks like you could make some fabulous hand puppets with this technique!

Yarndude said...

I am always searching for the perfect thumb gusset. I might have to knit my own test tube to compare different techniques. Great idea!