Thursday, 7 November 2013

"Nili" shawl

"Nili" shawl by Asplund
"Nili" shawl, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
I've surprised myself by actually writing up a pattern for a shawl! It is available for sale at Litet nystan in Stockholm, but I'm working on a translation into English and plan to make it available on Ravelry (in both Swedish and English) provided I understand how to. It would be easier to get how computers, Paypal etc work if they were made of yarn!

The shawl is called Nili after a friend's daughter. She's an incredibly crafty girl who sees endless possibilities in all kinds of material. I owe my best knitting memory to her too: when she was four years old and saw me working on the yoke of my top-down twined sweater her comment was that I might be knitting men's underwear!
"Kanske det ska bli kalsonger?"


Ann said...

Kids are amazingly honest, straightforward and fanciful!

Once upon a time ..... in the seventies ..... there was a commercial for underwear saying:

"Be dressed to be undressed!"

So, Yes, Ivar, knit yourself twined underwear!

Looking forward to fotos!

Chrissieday said...

Love the co,our and geometry of this piece

ron in mexico said...

I saw the shawl on Ravelry and really like it. It seems to be a perfect fit with no sliding off the shoulders. Lovely work.
Ron in Mexico

Annes indfald said...

Så fint et sjal. Jeg synes vældigt godt om faconen uden de lange snipper!
Jeg kan så absolut følge din tankegang i forhold til Ravelry, PayPal mm. Jeg ville også gerne sælge på Ravelry. Det er jo nemt og smart at bestille og hente sine mønstre der! Men jeg har opgivet at finde rundt i systemet selv...
Nili har et godt øje for design ;-)

Marias garnhändelser said...

Kan nog hjälpa till med ravelry:-)

Anonymous said...

Sjalen är toppen! Håller på och stickar min andra nu och sprang runt hemma igår med nummer 1 runt axlarna och den ligger verkligen där den ska :-)
Pia (Piaaj på Ravelry)