Thursday, 21 March 2013

Domino sweater in progress

Domino sweater in progress by Asplund
Domino sweater in progress, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
There have been unusually many joys of knitting lately: all your comments on the Faroese sweaters make me very happy, I had a great weekend on the west coast as a workshop leader (twined knitting and lace patterns) and Marianne Isager's latest book arrived. She's one of my idols, so my expectations were high - and I was definitely not disappointed.

I've cast on to knit one of the sweaters, a design that consists of domino squares where you combine garter stitch and slipped stitches. The yarn is 2ply wool from Kampes, which I also use to knit the "spede" sweater I mentioned in my previous post.

Those sweaters are meant to be short and tight, and it's fun knitting a different sweater shape. The star pattern will cover the back and the sleeves, but not the front. Let's call it the bosom factor: the sweater is so tight that quite a few increases are necessary, and that would ruin the pattern. Therefore, the stars are in panels only with a stocking stitch area in the middle where all the increases are. This was not my own idea, but I got it from a 19th century sweater in a book I borrowed from Anna, who will get the sweater. Fortunately for me she will take care of the decorations once it's finished! Here is a beautiful example of a sweater made by Tålamodspåsen - who is more than capable of taking care of every single detail herself.

När bystfaktorn är hög gäller det att tänka efter innan man börjar med framstycket till en spedetröja. De ska ju vara korta och åtsittande, så det var nödvändigt att ha en hel del ökningar samtidigt som dessa skulle förstöra stjärnmönstret - och en slätstickad tröja är uteslutet. (Och då fuskar jag redan genom att ha alldeles för tjocka stickor för en riktig spedetröja. Hur tjocka? 2,25 mm.) I en bok jag har lånat finns det exempel på tröjor med ett slätstickat parti mitt fram där ökningarna ligger, så den lösningen knyckte jag med gott samvete.

Mitt andra (dvs senast tillagda) tröjprojekt är ett mönster ur Marianne Isagers senaste bok. Det är rätt roligt att lägga ruta till ruta, och jag tycker att effekten blir så fin med de vertikala linjerna som går mitt i rutorna. Till båda tröjorna har jag valt Kampes tvåtrådiga, och jag har skaffat det på Litet nystan i Stockholm. 


Anonymous said...

The bosom factor! You are funny. I think your design solution sounds brilliant.

And how interesting that domino pattern is. Almost like a patterned entrelac.

Adriana said...

Hello, Domino Sweatear it's amazing!!!!

Unknown said...

Yes amazing knit ! Can't wait to see more !

Anonymous said...

Geeez, that's a temptation!!!

I can actually even visualise it in non-tight/relaxed fit.
Yet huuuuge congrats for the consideration of the 'bosom factor'; veeeery considerate and well planned!

LG, G.

ron in mexico said...

The spede sweater looks great - I was just reading about them and find them interesting. Other jackets were made from material and had knitted sleeves. Not too many cultures used both woven material and knitted fabric together. My mother used to make a lining of flannelette for some of our sweaters to make a sort of jacket. Looking forward to seeing this one finished as well as the domino which looks like an engineering marvel.

Anonymous said...

Alle dine strikkede artikler er smukke og til stor inspiration. Maa jeg spoerge hvor du koeber dit 2-traadede Kampes garn?


craftivore said...

Wow, I love that traditional tight sweater. The decorations must be useful in increasing the longevity of the sweater.