Thursday, 31 January 2013

Twined mitten: glimpse of wrong side

Here's a daylight photo of the twined mitten I'm knitting: it does far better justice to the beautiful grey of the wool than the lightbulb photo a couple of days ago.

There is also a glimpse of the wrong side, where you can see the effect of twining the strands between each stitch. It looks almost like cords and makes the fabric thick and not very elastic.

A funny thing about twined knitting with two colours is that all rows here are one grey, one white. (Look at the stitches on the needles!) Where there seem to be, for example, three white stitches they are actually one white, one grey with the white strand in front covering the grey stitch, one white.

Questions/comments on my previous post
Ron asked about combining twined and ordinary knitting. It is true twined knitting doesn't curl the same way that ordinary knitting does, especially not if you start with a purl row or something similar. I have combined the two techniques once, in a pair of mittens with twined cuffs (see photo below). I didn't change needles or increase the number of stitches, and it worked well, but I'm not sure I'd try it in a sweater: the gauge and thickness gets very different, possibly too different in a project that big.

twined cuffs/tvåändsstickade muddar

Ron also asked about the needles. They are my brand-new Knit-Pro Karbonz. Love them! Light but strong and perfect for twined knitting - I broke a wooden needle (again) recently, but I think these will cope a lot better.

Thanks for your kind words Ann - and for telling me about the Strikkefestival in Denmark. Perhaps I will see you there in September?

En rolig sak när man tvåändsstickar med två färger är att alla varv här är "en grå, en vit", till och med dem med horisontella linjer. Där det till exempel ser ut att vara tre grå maskor i bredd är det egentligen "en grå, en vit med den grå tråden på framsidan så att den täcker den vita (s.k. djupmaska), en grå".  Undantaget är ökningarna på tumkilen, där det ibland är två av samma färg i bredd.

thumb gusset/tumkil


Yarndude said...

I am in love with those mittens.

Siddis back home said...

That is a wonderful piece of work, happy knitting!

Ann said...

Of course, I am going to Fanø in september!
The program isn't out yet.
Will you be teaching twined knitting as we talked about?
I really hope so!

ylva said...

Åh vad jag blev sugen att sticka vantar , jag köpte z tvinnat garn i somras på stickagillet jag var på. Sedan måste jag säga att ditt förra inlägg var så fint , läste din intervju .Fina frågor och fina svar :-)

Anonymous said...

These are so very beautiful! I love the subtle line of blue, and the knitted-in date.

Anonymous said...

Kors i kapernaum alltså. . . Du är nog den som stickar dom jämnaste maskorna jag sett. (Hittills i alla fall)

Anonymous said...

Hej Hej TAK for en fantastisk Work shop i dag! En fantastik oplevelse!! Hvor kan jeg finde en opskrift på disse vanter???