Sunday, 20 January 2013

And the winner of the calendar is...

Tålamodspåsen (aka EvaL8), an equally prolific and talented knitter, crocheter etc etc, I'd like to add. Congratulations!

I have started several new projects since my last post; above you can see one of them. The pattern shapes and colour ideas are from "Maskor och Medeltid" but I use a thinner yarn (BC Shetlandsuld) and more colours. Here's a photo of the original design. Nothing wrong with it, on the contrary I think it's gorgeous - I just like to experiment a bit. My main change is the picot edge.

Questions/comments on my previous post 
I've been answering questions in different, not particularly organized ways: in new posts/as another comment/in a private message/perhaps not at all having forgotten about it. Doing it this way all the time will hopefully work better!

Carolina asked about the slanting effect: I'm not sure, but possibly it's because the stitches get pulled in the same direction every row - knitting back and forth would have a levelling effect in that case.

Ron asked about the button band on the cardigan.  I did not knit it separately but as part of the front. Well, when I got to the shoulders I kept knitting the bands only until they were long enough to meet in at the centre of the back and then sewed that part in place.

Sara: vilken trevlig överraskning - salve! Vi får se i vilket sammanhang vi träffas nästa gång.

Mingu, Annika, Zulka, Ing-Marie, maria e, Sel and Poivre, Kerry and Lynda: thanks for your comments and kind words!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question. I might be brave enough to try the same on my next cardigan. It is very effective. Your new sweater is truly handsome. I like the picot edge (I have stolen it and used it often) and I think the vertical bars are very effective and break up the horizontal effect of the Fair Isle and also draw attention to the pattern. Thanks, too, for the video.
Ron in Mexico