Saturday 22 December 2012

Rearing one's missing head

"Marzipan sweater" on display by Asplund
"Marzipan sweater" on display, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
At last I've emerged from Grade Swamp: 331 this time, which is a new personal record I'd be deeply sorry to break. Fortunately, first day of the Christmas holidays coincided with an 18th century party, which was exactly what I needed. Not to mention sharing a bottle of champagne with two friends I've made taking classes to learn some of the dances from the period. (I don't teach mathematics, but let me assure you three people and a bottle of champagne is a top-drawer equation.)

My twined "Marzipan" sweater (Ravelry link) has been my knit-alter ego during the past few weeks: it's on display at my local yarn shop Litet nystan. It's difficult to take pictures of it with all the reflections, but I rather like this photo anyway - and it made me smile to discover my legs in the right place.

Two dear ones of mine have been busier with their needles lately. I showed the boy how to knit a few years ago when he was six, and he could barely wait for his younger sister to come home from kindergarten so he could show her.
Teacher and student.

And look at them now, both busy in front of the television! (No, they're not my children - not biologically, that is, but I've spent so much time with them I feel they're mine too. The boy is knitting a scarf for his father.)

To each his/her own knitting.


Yarndude said...

That sweater is amazing! I still haven't tried twined knitting, but I hope it's in my near future. It's nice to read your blog again.

Kerry said...

Love you Marzipan sweater, and what a good role model you've been to the young generation. Happy Christmas Ivar.

ylva said...

Happy Hollidays ! I like the picture as well with bag and everything :-) The sweater is just lovely and a good name ! Have yourself a Merry Christmas !!

Unknown said...

Amazing sweater ! Pleased to see the new generation of knitter.

knit2theend said...

Love the kids knitting in front of the TV. They're not just sitting around, they're brains are working!

Ing-Marie i Säter said...

En hel tröja i Tvåändsstickning. Inget som lockar mig. Räcker med vantar. Men tröjan är helt, underbart, toppensnygg.
Angående nästa geneation stickare har jag misslyckats med mina tre. Men de är händiga och kreativa med andra saker.

craftivore said...

I love that you've infected these children with the knitting bug. My two kids have both tried but haven't really gotten the bug yet. Happy Holidays! I hope you have a wonderful New Year, perhaps with another bottle of champagne to celebrate it.

Anonymous said...

What a hilarious photo and post title! Good for you to have passed on the knitting bug. And your twined sweater looks very beautiful.
Thanks so much for your Christmas wishes and kind words, too. I wish you Nolleig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Uir! I hope 2013 brings you lots of wonderful new adventures.

Liisa said...

Fantastisk tröja och fantastiska barn! Det ser så självklart avkopplande ut!