Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Stranded garter stitch

Stranded garter stitch by Asplund
Stranded garter stitch, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
I'm testing something I haven't done before, namely stranded garter stitch. This cardigan by Tålamodspåsen inspired me - thank you!

It wasn't difficult, but the wrong-side rows were rather slow to knit as I had to make sure the floats stayed on the wrong side facing me). I think it makes a nice frame.

Next step is picking up stitches to knit the sleeves. I may knit a simpler but similar flower pattern, perhaps just white flowers on blue background. The body pattern repeat is 40 stitches wide, possibly too wide for a sleeve. We'll see.


Knitting-twitter said...

it looks fantastic, all the best to you, Christa

EvaL8 said...

Very nice edges. Snygga kanter. Ha ett bra lov.

fluffbuff said...

The edge goes beautifully with the cardigan.
Have you considered the Portuguese knitting technique for the purl side. I've never tried it with two colors, but it might make things easier.
Happy end of the year!

or, as we say in Italy, "Buona fine e buon principio" (Good ending and good beginning).

Madam Munch said...

Du er en mester i små fine detaljer. Det er en nydelse at følge.

Hilde said...

Nydelig kant på kofta.
Ha ei fortreffelig nyttårshelg :-))

Carolina said...

I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't have a plan for sleeves until getting to that point. I think it keeps things more interesting to have some design decisions to make as one goes along.

Anonymous said...

The sweater is coming along so nicely. I have done stranded garter stitch before and it amazes me that some people knit whole Fair Isle sweaters back and forth. The bottom border and bands frame the whole sweater so nicely.
Ron in Mexico

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I'm intrigued by the stranded garter stitch. A Happy New Year to you when it arrives, Asplund!