Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Wrap and sweater progress

Bressay-ish hap wrap by Asplund

Bressay-ish hap wrap, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.

Bressay-ish hap wrap by Sharon Miller: I've finished the centre section, picked up stitches around it and started knitting the border - and it looks as if I'm trying to knit a brain! Or an udder.

Thorsten fiskares tröja (Fisherman Thorsten's sweater) by Celia B. Dackenberg: I'm getting closer to the shoulders. The original has a similar square in front, but with initials and a year. I wanted some kind of picture instead and found a bird in a book by Britta Johanson, modified it slightly and mirrored it, put a kind of tree in the middle and added some of the picot edge red.

About the edge: you're quite right, Ron - there are two purl rows above the join. I've found it helps keeping it from folding outwards.
Thorsten fiskares tröja


ylva said...

oooh I´m in love with Thorsten!

Anonymous said...

The sweater is so beautiful. And the touch of red in the tree is just the right touch.

Anonymous said...

Kul att se och läsa att fåglarna flyger vidare.
Det var min förhoppning med böckerna.

Önskar dig lycka till med allt du håller på med!