Monday, 14 November 2011

Sweater progress

Thorsten fiskares tröja by Asplund
Thorsten fiskares tröja, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Back and front done and armhole steeks cut; next step will be joining the shoulders.

Knowing roughly but not exactly what I want to achieve I've been thinking, testing, ripping out, reknitting, rethinking and so on and so forth for a couple of weeks. I've practically made up my mind now:
  • Keeping the original design's black and white square pattern.
  • Knitting separate saddles instead of finishing the back and front parts with the squares.
  • Skipping a horizontal border pattern between main pattern and squares.
  • Incorporating the saddle live stitches from the provisional cast on and the last row when knitting the sleeve and neckband.

To be continued...

Thanks for kind and flattering words about my needlework! :)

Carolina asked about blocking and using a frame when stitching. I have thought about using frames to make blocking easer, but like the freedom without a frame: easier both to turn while stitching and to carry around. (I sometimes stitch on trains and buses.) Blocking it to get the right shape can be quite difficult, thouhg, but I guess you can see it as good exercise.


Hilde said...

For en fantastisk flott trøye.

Carolina said...

I love this sweater, especially the little details with the bird on the bottom and the use of color. Delightful. Thanks for the info about blocking needlework.

Luisa said...

It's beautiful... Your colourwork always is.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sweater! (Even not yet finished.)

Anonymous said...

Great looking sweater. Your attention to detail makes it something very special.

ylva said...

Gaaahhhh! dreggel dreggel! Så himla fin!