Thursday, 1 September 2011

Same but different

Same but different by Asplund
Here's the first "Viften/The Fan" I knitted a couple of years ago (blue bourette silk) and the third one I'm currently making (yellow merino wool) for comparison. There are a few differences apart from colour and fibre:

1. I decided to cast on a lot more loosely for a more pronounced scalloped edge.

2. There is an extra row (purls on the right side) to make the edge curl slightly.

3. Border pattern two repeats instead of three (to save yarn to be on the safe side).

There are sleeve modifications too:

1. Border five repeats wide instead of four to make the sleeves less narrow. This will make modified raglan shaping necessary, but I've decided to wait with calculations until I get there.

2. Sleeves knitted in the round to avoid a seam. When I get to the armholes I will start knitting back and forth for the raglan shape, though.

3. The instructions allow you to choose between short and long sleeves, but these will be medium length instead (like the previous one I made).

What else?
I'm quite excited about a twined knitting workshop I will be leading at Litet nystan in a few weeks! Equally exciting is planning a couple of lace knitting workshops with GarnGalleriet in Uppsala in October - will write more details about that when we've made more decisions.


Knitting-twitter said...

..hi, how about running a workshop for all your readers around the globe?
all the best, Christa from Switzerland...

Anonymous said...

Very nice pattern !

ylva said...

Good to know (again) who´m I going to ask about the pattern! I just love the yellow. I think the edge is much better now with the extra purl row. Looking forward to the workshop in Uppsala :)

Anonymous said...

It is great to see the two side by side. And such wonderful news about the workshops. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see and read about your changes and adjustments. And great that you'll be teaching! I envy your students.