Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lace knitting

"Bressay Hap Wrap" in progress by Asplund
"Bressay Hap Wrap" in progress, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Here's my new lace project, "Bressay Hap Wrap" by Sharon Miller, a free pattern from Rowan. The yarn is also from Rowan, a blend of merino and alpaca called Fine Lace and I got it from Wincent in Stockholm. Thanks, Eva!

Speaking of lace knitting, as mentioned in a previous post I will be leading a couple of workshops with GarnGalleriet in Uppsala. The dates are settled, October 16 (all day) and 29 (afternoon). For more information, write to info@garngalleriet.se

(It feels rather silly writing this in English - as if anyone would even consider travelling from another country for a workshop - but changing languages in the middle of a blog post would also feel silly!)

But first a twined knitting workshop at Litet Nystan to warm up! I'm having fun preparing material and sort of relearning the techniques (studying what my fingers to more or less automatically by now) to be able to explain them well.

"Bressay Hap Wrap" by Sharon Miller


fluffbuff said...

I know you'll be a wonderful teacher and your workshops will be a hit. :)

Annie said...

If only I could travel all those miles for a twined knitting workshop! Loving the look of the shawl :)

skapa och inreda said...

Jag är full av beundran!!!
Tittat runt på din blogg och gillar vad jag ser.

Säkert har du kollat in Johans Blogg som jag följer med glädje, han är helt underbart kreativ.


Anonymous said...

Jolie dentelle ! J'aimerai pouvoir venir à tes cours...

Anonymous said...

Oh now that's interesting - I'm knitting her Bressay Hap Shawl at the moment. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will all come together at seaming time!

Kyle said...

I'm knitting my first lace shawl now - it's really fun!!

I look forward to seeing this one complete - it's going to be pretty!!