Monday 1 August 2011

First sleeve done

There's a choice between short and long sleeves in the instructions; Åsa (who will get the cardigan) and I agree it would be nice with medium-length sleeves.

Here's my modified sleeve size if anyone's interested:

1. There are 90 rows from border to armholes.
2. Increases every 6 rows 6 times, then every 8 rows 5 times.

I've been adding to my collection of works in progress, starting Alice Starmore's "Alba" sweater. Stranded colourwork is really what I like best when it comes to techniques, especially knitting a pattern like this. You just can't beat her sense of colours - unfortunately, this photo does not do them justice.

I can't remember when I was this excited about a project last: it's a thrill seeing it take shape in my hands.

The only thing I can't understand is Alice Starmore's tension! I don't knit particularly loosely (don't think I've ever had to change needle sizes to get the gauge called for) but in this case I get 24 instead of 28 stitches per 10 cm (4 in) even though I use thinner needles, 3 mm instead of 3.25 (US 2½ instead of 3).

I could go down one more size but feel the sweater will be too stiff for my taste if I do. Instead, I'm following the directions for a size smaller than I want - and it will still be a bit too big!

Now, I love Alice Starmore's designs and would love to meet her and thank her in person for everything I've learnt and been inspired by - but judging from her tension I would hardly let her massage my shoulders ;-)


Annie said...

Haha, love the image of you refusing a shoulder massage from Alice Starmore!
Tension is a funny thing isn't it ... I'm 'out' with a few yarns/designers but not with most others, when really my swatches should be all the same size. I have no idea why!

Anonymous said...

I have a terrible time with tension when knitting Fair Isle and I always use the same wool. Thanksfully, blocking solves much of the problem. I like your colour choice and find the border very interesting. I did a sweater years ago with a border I made up involving garter stitch and using two colours in each row. I liked it much better than the rather inflexible corrugated rib that draws so much attention it itself. Your border is very pretty.
Ron in Mexico

Annamari said...

The image of someone refusing a shoulder-massage from a knitter made me smile :o)
Anyway, both your projects are beautiful!

Ann said...

Hahahaha! Massage by Alice Starmore! It must be colorful!
Maybe Alice Starmore knits with the tension we used before the 70'th, which was much more tense, that it is now.
I like your tension more, though. Beautiful fair isle.

Sanna T Sköld said...

I would like to make this The Fan too. Great tings to read all the changes.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to meeting your Starmore jumper in peron! ;-)
I have a few of hers on my wish list, but must admit that I am slightly daunted by her, her designs, her tension! Perhaps if I have a close encounter with your jumper, I might dare to cast on for one myself?

Liisa said...

Hah, maybe Alice is the one needing a shoulder massage, with that tension? ;) I LOVE the Alba design, I think it's the best in that book.... Did you go for her recommended colours or have you chosen your own?

Asplund said...

Yes, I should offer Alice Starmore a shoulder massage if I ever get to meet her as a way to show my gratitude! (I would gladly take care of her hands and fingers too!)

I ordered a kit from Virtual Yarns as I didn't want to change any colour choices she's made for this design. They're not exactly the same as the yarns called for in the book, though, but then I shouldn't think those are available today anyway.

Kerry said...

Belated happy birthday Ivar.

I've seen a video of Alice Starmore knitting and it looks tight and tense!