Monday, 13 January 2014

A promising start

"Alba" jacket (Starmore) by Asplund
"Alba" jacket (Starmore), a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
The "Alba" jacket is finished, which I think was a great way to start a new year! There wasn't much point in trying to take photos of it until today, though, since the sun seems to have been on vacation for a few weeks.

Speaking of promising, I never bothered much about resolutions, but on 1 Jan I decided to try not to buy more yarn but use what I already have in my stash. Not for a whole year - but maybe for a month at a time?

What happened was that I was looking for a circular needle to pick up stitches along the fronts. Nowhere to be found - but I kept finding more and more yarn that I apparently have bought. And I didn't even look in the two suitcases that I know are bursting with wool!

Not buying more yarn for the time being is worth a try at least - and I'm actually eager to work with what I already have since I only buy yarn I really want.

The needle I was looking for? It was already in the project!

shoulder join


torirot said...

Nydelig jakke i vakker vintersol!

ron in mexico said...

An absolutely beautiful sweater. Good luck on your resolution.
Ron in Mexico

Kerstin said...

Vilken fantastisk stickare du är! Hittade din blogg via ett inlägg hos Kate Davies sida. Jag är mycket glad att jag hittade hit.

Carolina said...

I declare a yarn buying moratorium on occasion. It's always an open-ended commitment and always rather enjoyable as I have plenty of lovely yarn in my stash to play with. Love the new sweater.

The other 11 said...

I came across Your blog few days ago, I scrolled it all through and I'm really in love with Your care about the details! AMAZING!