Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cabbage cowl

Cowl in progress by Asplund
Cowl in progress, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
I hardy ever buy self-striping yarn (too much of a control freak) but couldn't resist this wool from Östergötlands ullspinneri, thinking it would be fun to brioche knit. (I've had a crush on the greyish brown wool for quite a while, and am happy with the combination.) I wanted to make a cowl similar to the Camel cowl I made recently but with two colours. It suddenly reminded me of cabbage leaves, so I'll call it Cabbage cowl. Can you tell I'm addicted to brioche knitting?

Edited to add
I do like it when things match, so this was a nice (but slightly uncanny) discovery:
It reminds me of three sweaters I've made that matched different walls at work.


Ann said...

What beautiful cabbage, you grow in your Swedish garden!

Anonymous said...

Elegant colors! I look forward to seeing the finished project.
-- stashdragon

Adriana said...

you have to come to Portugal for a workshop:)amazing

Kerry said...

Those colours look so good together.

Chrissie Day said...

Hi love this but curious as to which colour this is from the yarn compamy.?

Asplund said...

Thank you, all!

Chrissie Day: the yarn is Visjö Karamell Tåke.