Sunday 7 July 2013

The more "Alba" the merrier

Alice Starmore's "Alba" sweater had been waiting patiently for me for almost two years when I finally returned to it. I had picked up stitches around the armholes and knitted sleeve caps using short rows (my modification) but not the sleeves. Fortunately, I had finished both sleeve caps, so I didn't have to analyse the process as much as I feared.
Alba: sleeve decreases

Once I was back on track knitting the sleeves was pure joy! It is such a beautiful pattern and the colours are stunning. The sweater is not for me but for my friend Anders, but as soon as I had darned in all the loose ends I cast on to make another for but for my not quite sweaterless self.

sleeve caps and armhole

Much as I love Alice Starmore's designs (and this one in particular) I also love experimenting. What I've changed knitting Alba no 2 is the colour sequence for the check border pattern: less contrast and a gradual change from darker to lighter shades.
Alba no 2 (slightly modified) in progress

Also, I've started the main pattern at a different row to keep using the shades of blue from the check pattern for the background. This in turn means I skipped the light horizontal lines in the original version. I like Starmore's better, but mine well enough to keep it.

Alba sweater


Calvin said...

Very beautiful; the work is absolutely stunning!

Ann said...

I like your own the best .... the colours are a little more calm, which gives a more harmonious impression ..... but then again, I'm old and perhaps too conservative in my colour choices.

Is it possible to see the sleeve caps?
I would like to see how you place your shortrows.

Cricket said...

Beautiful work very inspiring.

Kerry said...

Beautiful sweater Ivar.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. How do you knit the sleeves in the round? Dpns or two circulars or...? I really dislike dpns and am going to try two circulars on my current jacket project - once I reach the sleeves, which may be some time yet!

ron in mexico said...

Beautiful sweater. Colours are lovely but my favourite parts are the borders.
Ron in Mexico

Ann said...

I have just looked through some of your Pictures (in one of my Pinterest folders), and I found several photos of your sleeve caps with short rows, so forget my question earlier in this post.

Now, I just need you to make a sweater totally of your own design, so I (and all others) can buy your pattern and learn precisely how you make your beautiful detailes e.g. your sleeve caps.
That shouldn't be a probleme or?

One size medium will be most acceptable ....