Monday, 17 June 2013

A helping paw

A helping paw by Asplund
A helping paw, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Last weekend I was cat-sitting and made quite a lot of progress supervised by Puma.

I've kept the basic construction of Alice Starmore's design Mystic, but in a slightly different way. Instead of kniting the sleeves separately starting with the cuffs and ending with the shoulder straps, I started with the straps; when they were the right length I picked up stitches along the front and back and added the strap in the middle.

A pattern change is that I've added a net pattern to the sleeves. I think it works well with the anchors, and it is fairly easy to make it follow the shape of the sleeves.


Ann said...

Have you ever - EVER - knitted anything without changing the pattern?

I love your changes and your descriptions of all the details.

I have short arms, so I often too knit the sleeves top-down to be able to manage the length.

Have you seen this free e-book: ?

See you on Fanø in september!

Asplund said...

Ha ha, actually I did once! A copy of a Russian sweater from the 1800s - but some fifteen years later I made a new one with lots of modifications. (The first one isn't very comfortable.)

I'm lucky enough to own a copy of the book. It was my grandmother's, which makes it even more precious to me.

Look forward to meeting you in September!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining about your feline helper. My cat is always keen to help me with knitting - she helps by never interfering while I'm knitting, but does try to pull pins out during the blocking process, so has to be shut out of the room.

Your knitted creations are superb, and I always enjoy reading about the technicalities.