Friday, 24 May 2013

Aranish sweater: shoulder straps

Aranish sweater by Asplund
Aranish sweater, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
After trying a couple of different ideas I've decided to combine raglan decreases and shoulder straps. If I had gone on with the raglan decreases they would have spoiled the honecomb pattern (unlike the way they blend with the decreases of the fishing net pattern). On the other hand, I didn't want the neck opening to be too wide, but this will be a happy compromise, I think.

I haven't grafted the straps yet as I wanted to knit the collar first to see if I could get it over my head. (My nose being a major obstacle in sweater matters.)

Christine asked about the pattern. My inspiration is a design in "Fiskartröjor" (fishermen's sweaters) by Uuve Snidare, but this is a heavily modified version of it with cables added and changed - not to mention the construction. The original design is made up of four separate pieces, and it doesn't have gussets.

Yesterday I went to Nordiska museet in Stockholm to check out a 1940s style apartment they've built for a fictional family.

Actually, I've made three of the garments in one of the closets! I've written posts about a green cardigan and a blue jumper before, but decided not to write about the project until the exhibition opened. It was a challenge I really enjoyed, trying to create convincing garments.

There is also a slipover (improvised) for the boy in the family. I like keeping people warm, even if they're fictional!


ylva said...

Ooohh like the slipover , Would really like to see the famiily in Nordiska museet .

Kitchener Quilter said...

I love those YouTube videos you dig up. This one on Alice Babs is really great, even though I don't understand the language. Still love your knitting, too!

Carolina said...

How cool to knit for fictional people! It's great that visitors can open the closets and see what's inside. I'm really struck with how modern the apartment looks.

Unknown said...

Pffff ! Amazing knitter you are !