Friday 3 August 2012

"Shells" sweater progress: collar

Today I thought I'd share how I knit the collar.

I divided the front where I wanted the collar to start (it had to be deep enough, but after a whole pattern repeat to make it look nice) not in the middle but after the middle panel. For this panel I replaced the shells with ribbing

To knit the second half I cast on the number of stitches required for another middle panel with a ribbing pattern, and later sewed it in place on the wrong side to make the seam as invisible as possible.

After joining the shoulders (using the three-needle bind-off method) I started knitting the collar back and forth: first one of the front halves, then the stitches from the back, then the second front. I will probably knit about 10-15 cm (4-6 in) from here.


Anonymous said...

Oh heavens you're turning the envy of my husband more and more - mine as well, btw.! ;-)

I've to admit, to prefer this sort of collar sewn on; despite getting a tad bulky then.
Reason: Some people seem a bit oversensitive about the 'right way' of being 'buttoned'/wrapped for either boys or girls and with the sew-on method 'hand me downs' and matching 'swaps' are done easier.
Just don't forget: I'm not an as fast and good knitter as you - so I've to think ahead for lazy escapes instead of just knitting a new one! ;-)

YET I have to admit: your version looks brilliantly elegant!


Anonymous said...

Asplund you make the technical side of knitting seem so appealing! Never thought I would feel that way...