Monday, 9 July 2012

"Knit & purl" sweater no 2

"Knit & purl" sweater by Asplund
"Knit & purl" sweater, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
Here's a sweater I finished for my mother recently, "Knit & purl" from Classic Knits by Marianne Isager. These pattern borders are a lot of fun to knit, easy but enough variation to keep them from getting monotonous.

I've taken a couple of liberties with the design, though:
1. The original is a raglan sweater. I do like raglans, but thought these horizontal borders would look better in a straighter shape.
2. I knitted the pieces back and forth instead of in the round. It's easy with this kind of pattern, and I wanted to accentuate the side seams with vertical lines similar to where I picked up stitches for the sleeves and the sleeve seams.

side seam

I was lucky enough to get to the right length with the diagonal borders, so the shoulder join looks nice:
shoulder join

The sleeves were too long first, but as I had knitted them top-down it was easy to fix: I ripped the cuff and let border above it become the new cuff. I thought of ripping that border too and reknit the 2x2 cuff pattern, but thought it looked nice with the diagonal lines.
The first sleeve version; I think the final one looks better.

Unfortunately, this yarn (BC Lucca Fino) has been discontinued, but at least I have enough of it for another sweater in my stash.


Domi said...

Very beautifull !!!

Yarndude said...

Yet another great sweater by Ivar! I want one for myself now, and I love that collar.

Annika said...

Jag är definitivt ett fan av dina utsökta detaljer! Och det är så kul och lärorikt att du tar bilder och visar så tydligt!

Ing-Marie i Säter said...

Enkel men så fantastisk med detaljer. Du är så finurlig och får till det så bra. Lyckliga mamma som får den.

Kerry said...

Your mother's sweater looks beautiful, I plan to knit it for myself one day. What a shame the yarn has been discontinued.

Karen S, Lykkefanten said...

Very beautiful and elegant. I do like the altered sleeves, they fit the overall look of the sweater very well.

ylva said...

Smakfullt och fiffigt ( som vanligt) Ha det gott !


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and it is now my favourite blog. You are so talented...I wish I paid more attention when my grandma taught me how to knit!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love the colour, and all the detail that you do so well.