Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Conscientious Shopper

Untitled by Asplund
a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
A couple of months ago I spotted The Haapsalu Shawl in a bookstore, but thought it was too expensive to buy at once. And expensive enough to remain on the shelf waiting for me for another few months!

Last weekend I went back, and it was still there - and still expensive. However, I spotted a cheap book (about a tenth of the shawl book) on the same shelf, a reprint of a crochet book from 1848. I bought them both, of course, divided the sum by two and pretended they cost the same.

True, it would have been easier to buy the shawl book at once, but I actually sort of enjoy this kind of justification game.

Not that I think I will ever try to crochet anything from the book (no diagrams but written instructions only),
but I just can't resist books with designs like this one.

My grandmother who taught me how to knit would have turned 92 today, so I'm sending her some extra thoughts.


Meredith Ramirez said...

Ha ha. This reminds me of how in college, a friend of mine used to share a jumbo cookie with me rather than each get one regular cookie, because then we could just say that we only ate half a cookie for dessert (though usually we would use this as justification to share another cookie!).

The book is amazing from what I hear (it's sold out in the States so you can only get it through rare bookstores for waaaay more than I can pay). Seems to me a wonderful way to remember your grandmother.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you bought the books. I usually convince myself that I actually deserve them. Do you still see women wearing head coverings like that? Some Mennonites where I come from still wear a lace covering. I will toast your grandmother today and all grandmothers who passed on their skills to others.
Ron in Mexico

Ing-Marie i Säter said...

Ha sådanna omvandlingar i tanken är bra. Man är ju så lättlurad.
HAr aldrig hört talas om sjalboken förrut men nu ska jag börja spana. Kanske en gång....

Carolina said...

Ha! Love that way of rationalizing. I will put it in my toolkit of excuses.