Monday, 12 March 2012

Shopping and swatching

bedfellows by Mattias Adolfsson
bedfellows, a photo by Mattias Adolfsson on Flickr.

Perhaps it's difficult to believe, but I don't spend all my money on yarn - here's something by Mattias Adolfsson that I couldn't resist at Gallery Sigtuna Kulturgård yesterday.

I'm preparing swatches for a twined knitting workshop in a couple of weeks, which is a lot of fun and rewarding. This workshop will be about using two colours to create different kinds of patterns.

twined swatches

Thanks for all your kind words about my sweater! I still haven't found any matching wallpaper or curtains to be able to pose wearing it - but on the other hand, as Christine suggested, my curtains might morph! :-D

Last weekend I spent a day in Malmköping to talk about different ways I modify patterns and to teach lace knitting. I had a great day, and spending it in this beautiful building was a treat in itself.

Omväxling förnöjer, så jag köpte ett verk av Mattias Adolfsson (utställning på Sigtuna Kulturgård) i stället för att lägga pengar på garn. Tack för alla kommentarer på min tröja! Jag får se till att posera i den, men har ännu inte hittat matchande gardiner eller tapeter! Kanske dags för ny inredning hemma?

Jag håller på och förbereder för en kurs i tvåändsstickning med färgmönster: det är väldigt roligt och givande att tänka ut provlappar som innehåller så mycket som möjligt på ett systematiskt sätt! Ännu roligare och minst lika givande är det att få träffa andra stickentusiaster i olika sammanhang: förra helgen var jag i Malmköping och pratade om hur jag gör om mönster på olika sätt, och så hade jag nybörjarkurs i spetsstickning. En toppendag!


Anonymous said...

hello, nice job hombre
perhaps i would want to see more photo model wearing your works..perhpas i am an ass infected by fashion magazine
bonne continuation

Ann said...

What a wonderful illustrator, Mattias Adolfsson is!
And what a humour!
Crazy in the intelligent and quirky way. I love it!
I sure hope you will get to teach twined knitting near me one day. I buy books - new ones and older ones on antikvarnet -, but you know, it's not the same as learning it live!
The swatches look nice.
Why dont you just try Christines suggestion? We wont to see it!!

ylva said...

Sounds like lovely weekend and the drawing is lovely as well. Well spent money!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived around the corner and could attend your workshop. Good luck.

craftivore said...

Same here, I wish I could take your workshop. I love the background on blog too, the stitches pop beautifully.