Sunday, 26 June 2011

Asplund in Wonderland

Inspiration by Asplund
Inspiration, a photo by Asplund on Flickr.
First of all, thanks for comments on my previous post! Annie: the party did involve 18th century food. There was a buffet, and what I liked best was a dish consisting of green peas and crayfish. Kyle: it certainly was a lot of fun -hope you get an opportunity to try something similar - and it actually made it even more enjoyable that you didn't have to worry about making mistakes. It was all about having fun in a different setting. Especially dancing looked like so much fun I think I'll have to take a course and try to learn it.

Annegret: They did knit in those days, but not much has survived. Now my ambition is to try to knit something inspired by these stockings from a monument in a church in Italy, where I headed the day after the last day at work before the summer holidays. I don't like knitting socks, but this is a kind of challenge I think could be fun.

Fluffbuff:  I don't know if societies like this are especially common here -  but I'm fairly certain the Medieveal happenings are far more popular than the 18th century. And thanks for your advice about what to see and to in Emilia-Romagna!

During a day trip to Ravenna I came across a lovely yarn shop between various mosaics sites. There is nothing I could write about the mosaics that wouldn't be banal, so I'm simpy going to say that I left Ravenna with a mind full of beauty and with a shimmering hank of merino-silk-cashmere yarn in my bag.

That day I felt like Alice in Wonderland walking from one unbelievable site to another and another and so on plus stumbling across yarn that practically had a label "KNIT ME" attached to it.
Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini


Marias garnhändelser said...

ITalien...jag längtar till Italien...

Annegret said...

You are such a brilliant knitter. Why don't you like to knit socks?

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a relaxing holiday.

fluffbuff said...

You make me homesick. I am glad you liked Ravenna.

herr avig / mr purl said...

Käre Asplund, du är värd all ledighet du kan få - så du orkar fortsätta inspirera (oss som är i deep need of it!).