Thursday, 17 February 2011

A real man

Handmade circular needle
Originally uploaded by Asplund
makes his own knitting needles, don't you agree?

Not that I do - Mac the Knitter does, and he was kind enough to send me this circular needle with one point shaped like crochet hook. It arrived yesterday and I tried it immediately. It works beautifully, and I'm going to use it for my next lace project.

I never thought of a knitting needle as beautiful before, but this one certainly is. Thank you!

"Jaws" sleeve in progress

 I've knitted enough of the first "Jaws" sleeve to see that I like my pattern idea enough to stick to it. This sleeve is veeery far from Marianne Isager's original design.

My plan is to add some colour when I get to the cuff, but I haven't decided what colour(s) or how yet.

Last, I'd like to comment on some of the kind comments on my previous post:

elisaacampbell & Carolina: I think spreadsheets are a great idea, but actually haven't tried it that much. (Only really to see the effect of many pattern repeats together.) I'm so oldfashioned I like squared paper! Actually, my method is very much like Carolina's. I make sure I get the width right, adjusting pattern and/or needle size and make up my mind about the length when I get close to the armhole.

Annika: I learnt how to use steeks by reading Alice Starmore, first (I believe) from Fishermen's Sweaters, but she has also described the technique in her book about Fairisle sweaters.

christinelaennec: I agree completely about the difference between plan and reality! It's a good thing I really enjoy swatching!


ylva said...

Your sleeve is so much better !And I think its a good idea to pick up the colours in the cuff

FadenStille said...

Real man`s knitting needles, great idea... bin auf deine Erfahrungen gespannt, der Ärmel wird toll, so wie sich das Muster verändert, Spannung pur...
Liebe Grüße Anett

Carolina said...

I'm glad I'm not alone in my lack of forethought!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so impressed that Mac the Knitter MADE that! And I'm very curious to know how you will use it, with one pointed side and one crochet hook side. Is this a one-of-a-kind?

I really like your sleeve design, and I think re-introducing some of your colours just above the cuff is a great idea.

Tenna Draper said...

You can get these cro-needles from knit-picks. I have one that's very much like an addi turbo. You use them to pick up sts around necklines and sleeves-or that wallaby pouch.

What I can't figure out is how, once you pick up the sts you are supposed to be able to knit off the other end (the knitting needle end) but I can't seem to wrap my head around that--the yarn is at the crochet hook end

Marias garnhändelser said...

mmm, visst var det mysigt att träffas och även jag hoppas på snabb repris...och då vill jag se dej sticka på denna sticka:-)