Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Trying something different

Last night I attended a workshop at gallery Kaleido in Uppsala, how to make a papier-maché bowl using pages from an old book. It was a lot of fun trying something new! Tonight it will probably be dry enough to remove the balloon; I used pictures for the inside, so I'm curious about that.

Hopefully, my bowl won't look quite as much like The English Patient when it isn't upside down... Not that I think I'll keep it anyway - I simply wanted to try the technique.

What I found most rewarding was appreciating workshop teacher Cecilia Levy's skills even more than before. Her show at Kaleido continues until 19 September.

I've started knitting a sweater with some beautiful red - the photo doesn't do it justice at all - wool I bought some time ago. This is a pattern I knitted in 1999, then with blue linen yarn. I think it works with wool as well. It's a modification of a pattern in Uuve Snidare's book "Fiskartröjor" (fishermen's sweaters).


ylva said...

AAAhhh the sweater looks lovely it´s reminding me of a "spedesweater" i started SOME years ago. Great fun with your evening workshop!

katarinaw said...

Sweater looks lovely! Yarn?

Asplund said...

Well spotted, Ylva! It is indeed a modification of the "spede" pattern in Snidare's book.

Hi Katarina! It's BC Shetlandsuld, my new favourite yarn for sweaters.