Saturday, 15 May 2010

Circular Cape no 2

WIP: Lady's Circular Cape
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One of my favourite yarns is Wetterhoff's Viva, a shimmering wool-silk blend - like knitting with champagne! I recently found three skeins in a colour I hadn't seen before and thought it was my duty to buy them, and it didn't take more than a couple of days to decide what to use them for.

I'm knitting "Lady's Circular Cape in Shell Pattern" by Jane Sowerby (Victorian Lace Today), a design I first knitted exactly a year ago and gave to my aunt ("Lady Caroline's Circular Cape"). This one will be "Lady Annika's Circular Cape", for a dear friend and shawl lover who's moving back to Sweden after quite a few years abroad. Hooray!

Some modifications:
1. Wedge-shaped repeats elongated with increase rows placed more regularly in the original pattern, where it grows very quickly towards the end.
2. 5 repeats instead of 12 to keep her extra warm in the winter.
3. Edging knitted with slightly thinner needles.

Feel like something new for your computer desktop? How about some elephants from Mattias Inks?


Ian said...

Is that the almost coral-red you got two weeks ago? It looks like a great project!

I haven't made any progress figuring out what I should do with the yarn I bought. Will hopefully find some time to think about it soon.


Asplund said...

It is - well spotted! Funny, the yarn looks considerably darker when knitted up, more like raspberry red. Perhaps it's because of all the shadows created when the project is crumbled; who knows, it might look lighter again once it's blocked.
I hope it won't take long before you come up with the perfect project for the beautiful yarn you bought!

rosalia said...

I love this red! It looks very, very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I keep looking at this book but have not bought it as yet. It looks like I should. The cape is so beautiful. I am sure it fits much better than a triangular shawl. What comments do you get from your aunt. This colour is spectacular and would make anyone look good.

Anna-Maria said...

Vilken fantastisk sjal du gjort!

Var har du köpt garnet och mönstret någonstans?


också Uppsala-stickare. :)

Asplund said...

Hej Anna-Maria - och tack! Mönstret finns i en book som heter "Victorian Lace Today" och är skriven av Jane Sowerby. Det finns många godbitar i den! Garnet köpte jag på Marias garn (Sankt Paulsgatan på Söder i Stockholm). Vi kanske ses på stickkafé någon gång?

Ron: I do think it's a great book, well worth getting. Some photos are rather strange (colour choices and backgrounds make it difficult to see the patterns etc) but on the whole it's a treasure chest. I think my aunt mostly wears it at home, and that she enjoys simply looking at it. I know she's happy with it!