Saturday, 13 February 2010

"Leaves dancing" shawl: progress

WIP "Leaves dancing" shawl
Originally uploaded by Asplund

I'm very fond of this design: it's both beautiful and fun to knit. At first I wasn't sure about the rib effect of the knit and purl lines, but now I think it enhances the shape of the leaves.

It makes the wrong-side rows less monotonous to knit too, since they don't consist of purl stitches only. (Which is what I often prefer since it requires less concentration, I should add.) I also think new leaves are incorporated into the design in an elegant way.


Anonymous said...

Golly, that is pretty. I have never seen such a design in lace with the purl ridges. Niebling has a few in some areas but nothing to this extend (that I know of. I really think it adds to the design.

Unknown said...

Beautiful beyond belief;o)

FadenStille said...

Irgendwie klappt es nicht mehr mit dem kommentieren, hier dann der zweite Versuch.
Der "rib effect" wirkt sowieso super, bei etwas dickerem Garn, wird das Muster sogar richtig plastisch, auch nach dem Spannen.
Ich freu mich , dass dir das Stricken dieses Tuches Spaß macht, das Foto der Anleitung ist so schlecht und man sieht die Schönheit nicht, außerdem ist es so leicht zu stricken, fast von selbst - smile...
Libe Grüße Anett

Yarndude said...

This looks very pretty so far. Who is it for?

la dame hex said...

ooooo asplund! how lovely!
i'd like to knit this. i too prefer purl only (or knit only) on WS rows, for a relief from counting and patterning, -- but i know that a more complex WS means for 'true lace knitting'. i've just started the knitted veil from victorian lace today - which so far has a fairly complex WS. a bit of a learning curve. but so worth it.

Asplund said...

Ron: thanks for reminding me of Niebling - haven't drooled over those designs for ages!

Eldstickan: tack! Garnet rinner liksom genom fingrarna - ljuvligt!

Anett: I agree it wasn't quite clear from the picture in the instructions what it would look like, but then that was actually part of the excitement! Well, I could tell from the charts it would be pretty - but not exactly how pretty.

Yarndude: I'm not sure who'll get it. A fun way to decide I've discovered is looking at people's faces when they see a project. You can tell from their eyes if they would like it, and that makes it much more fun to make it a surprise present on the spot!

xtine: that's such a beautiful design - it looks light like air too. Yes, I can see it's definitely worth it!

ylva said...

It´s coming along beautifully! I´m curios to see how the neck is turning out as you added some leaves. The colour is amazing blue!. Due to "colourtherapy" blue is a color that we trust and that we put in words like freedom,dreams. Your leaves are like a dream to me!

Docrock said...

Kjempe fint. I love it. I am enjoying watching the progress and the process. I will continue to follow. Tusen takk.

Anonymous said...

The lace is beautiful! You chose a great yarn.